Soulful Wallflower


Are they really trying to silence us using the life of MLK? If anything his life shows even more so that when push comes to shove, you push harder. He lived and protested in a very peaceful manner and they still shot him, suit and tie and all! How dare they say that we ought to revert back into a shell and calm down ? It didn’t work years ago how the hell is it supposed to work now? We are exposed now! They feel threatened by our unity and know that we are capable of fighting back.
For the past 3 years (and even before) there has been brutal killings brought on to African Americans by the “justice department” and of course people have had enough! Of course mothers are enraged! Of course the communities aren’t going to sit back and wait until it’s their son and daughter laying there pleading unsuccessfully with a police officer.
Cliche yes, but “no justice, no peace” ! Too many walking free while others lay dead. There needs to be a fight of some sort.

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